5th week

Development of the puppy 5th week 29.-35.day:

Development of the puppy:

Developement of the fetus is marked by differentiation of internal organs and the puppies are rapidly growing. Eyes will be closed, because the eyelids have developed. Hearing apparatus is developing. The fingers are separated from each other. The ossification of the jaws and cranium is complete. It is the start of ossification of the nose part of the cranium, ribs and the bones in the limbs. There are whiskers growing on the chin, eyebrows and nose. The developement of all the main organs is nearing it’s end. The sex of the puppies can be determined. The fetus looks like a dog. Until the end of this week the bitch is still able to absorb a dead fetus. The size of the fetus is about 20 % of the weight at birth.

How the bitch changes:

At the end of this phase the bitch changes her behaviour, she is more calm and sensitive. Her stomach starts to bulge a little, the nipples start protruding. Some bitches start to demand more food and drink more. We can add food very slightly, divide it into more daily portions, avoiding overfeeding.