7th week

7th week 43.-49. day

Development of the puppy:

This is the end of the period of slow body growth of the fetuses. The growth is more intense. The ossification of pelvis starts and hair begins to grow. We can hear the heartbeat of the fetuses with the help of a stethoscope. We can determine the exact number of puppies with X-ray screening, but we are not doing that, because we don‘t want to expose the bitch to X-rays during her pregnancy.

The size of the fetus is about 75 % of the weight at birth.

How the bitch changes:

The uterus is occupying about 2/3 of the abdominal region. We can see the hair around the milk glands disappear. We can feel the puppies.

The food intake is 20 % more at the beginning of the week, gradually going to 30 % more, feeding is four times a day in smaller portions.

The bitch is visibly bigger and at the end of the week she can start losing her appetite, because the fetuses press on the inner organs, especially on the digestive tract.

From now on the bitch must be restricted from doing any demanding activities and jumping.