About us

About us

Since my youth there was always a dog in our family. Usually we choose a dog by it’s looks, not the breed characteristics. Thanks to that we experienced a number of breeds – a wire-haired Dachshund, a Beagle, a Weimaraner, a Labrador Retriever. In fact somehow we have always chosen a hunting breed.  And almost always we had to deal with smaller or bigger problems with their training and breed characteristics.  After our last dog passed the Rainbow bridge and I had children, I have decided I don’t want a dog in my family anymore.

I stuck to this decision for a couple of years – until we went for holidays to Germany… And I was approached by a very calm and cuddly dog, which resembled a poodle. I started to pet him and he stole my heart with his calmness and composure, even when petted by a stranger, and he was clearly enjoying my touch. We wondered what breed it was and then asked his owner. The answer “labradoodle” confused me. I never heard about such a breed. At first I thought I haven’t heard correctly, but I tried and found the word on internet. And I was surprised it exists!

And that was the beginning of  my passion for Australian Labradoodles. Of course I changed my decision not to have a dog. I started to gather information about Australian Labradoodles and my wish was to have one. Even if luckily there is no one with an allergy in our family, I considered the non-shedding coat a bonus. I was sad to find out there is no Australian Labradoodle breeder in the Czech republic, so no one to visit, get some more information and maybe reserve a puppy. Another surprise was, that there was no puppy available around in Europe and the waiting time was at least a year, and even more. So I put my name on a waiting list. I choose a kennel in Poland and the breeder told me, she sold one bitch to Prague and gave me a contact to her owner. And that is how I met Zuzana Coufalová, whom I now consider to be a part of our kennel Shaggy Hearts Australian Labradoodles. Zuzana turned out to be an experienced breeder and trainer; not only she showed me her Aus. Labradoodle Rain, but also told me a lot of information, the webs didn’t supply. And in August 2013 beautiful chocolate Cashew joined our family. She instantly became a part and love of the family. And behold – even if we had small children and limited time, we had no character or behavior problems with her whatsoever. She simply walked in, like she was there always. The family was complete again.

The same way like I encountered my first labradoodle, I was stopped in the street by people, asking what is this dog and where can I get it. After some thinking a decision came to have an Australian Labradoodle bitch eligible for breeding and a first Czech Austalian Labradoodle kennel – and that was the start of Shaggy Hearts. With the arrival of apricot coloured Shaggy our new adventure started.

We are a small family kennel Shaggy Hearts Australian Labradoodle, which is named after our first breeding bitch. All the dogs live with us in the house and you will find us on the outskirts of Prague. We are a typical family, with two daughters Ela and Sára, and we all love animals and nature. We share our house with two bitches Cashew and Shaggy and a cat named Couvée, which one day just came and stayed. We have one more family member, but living in nearby stables, a pony Charming Alli, who is a big passion of mainly our older daughter Ela.