The unique cynological concept of the Foundation ALFA-Europe:

Huge numbers of Labradoodle breeders consider all kinds of poodle crosses to be Australian Labradoodles. Of course these crosses are not original Australian Labradoodles. You can read more on this website under “history of the breed”.
A lot breeders of Australian Labradoodles have organized themselves in different breeders organizations each with their own registry, database and philosophy. These facts cause a lot of confusion to families who are looking for a careful bred Australian Labradoodle puppy.

ALFA-Europe feels very strongly about the fact that the puppy buyer is entitled to get the best assurance possible regarding the quality of an authentic Australian Labradoodle. This has led to the following cynological concept.

ALFA-Europe is a foundation, more about that under “about ALFA-Europe”. ALFA-Europe has been up and running since 2009 and has proven that it is possible to have a perfect transparent registration system for breeding dogs and their offspring. By using strict Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations ALFA-Europe has created optimal conditions to monitor:
– the breeder and his breeding program
– registering dogs and their offspring
– health issues.

Our concept is based on three pillars:

  1. The implementation of a registration system based on a DNA-profile and parentage verification, a system which makes it impossible to commit fraud and which ensures breeders as well as the puppy buyers 100 % guarantee that the puppy is an offspring of the parents on the pedigree issued by ALFA-Europe.
    A system based on the philosophy “Trust is good, control is better”.zavedení systému registrace na základě provedených profilů DNA a ověření rodičovství každého štěněte. To znemožňuje spáchání podvodu a zajišťuje kupujícím 100% záruku, že štěně je potomkem rodičů registrovaných a ověřených u ALFA-Europe. Systém je založen na filozofii důvěra je dobrá, ale kontrola je lepší.
  2. By implementing the Code of Ethics and compulsory Breeding Rules and Registration Regulations ALFA-Europe does not allow breeders to have other breeding program of Labradoodle-look-alikes in order to protect the puppy buyer against dishonest breeders who are only interested in selling other cute and lovely puppy instead of an authentic Australian Labradoodle puppy. By implementing this important rule the breeder shows his integrity towards the puppy buyer.  To recognize a serious breeder, you have to look to the registration logo from the dog given by ALFA-Europe (see below).
  3. To maintain control of the breeding process by the breeder all DNA tests are ordered via ALFA Europe. This means that every test result from the laboratory arrives at ALFA-Europe first. The test results will be included in the database of ALFA-Europe, and the certificates together with the pedigree (issued by ALFA-Europe) will be sent to the breeder. The breeder hands over the original certificates together with the ALFA-Europe pedigree to the puppy buyer. In this way, the puppy buyer gets 100% certainty about the origin of his puppy.

Registering your authentic Australian Labradoodle:

Australian Labradoodles who are registered with ALFA-Europe as well as their registered offspring chosen for breeding will be included in the ALFA-Europe’s Studbook. They will be known as AES Australian Labradoodles.  Their offspring will be registered with their litter registration number. Australian Labradoodle breeders who are breeding with proven original breeding lines, are invited to register their dogs. There will be one condition: They have to fulfil the registration requirements of the foundation ALFA-Europe.  For the exact registration conditions, see “Registration procedures”.

Our Code of Ethics:

If a breeder wants to register his dogs, he has to sign the Code of Ethics first. Our Code of Ethics is not just a promise without engagement. In case of a violation of the breeding rules ALFA-Europe will take action, see “Disciplinary procedures”.

Our registration logo:

From the start in April 2009, every registered authentic Australian Labradoodle has been given a unique registration logo that the breeder has to place on his website under or next to the picture of the registered dog.  Clicking on that registration logo, will lead you automatically to the appropriate registration page of registered dogs on the website of ALFA-Europe. If a breeder says that he breeds authentic AES Australian Labradoodles you will be able to check this on our website, if you cannot find this breeder as well as this particular breeding dog in our registry, he is cheating you! When you are looking for an authentic Australian Labradoodle, be on the safe side and consult our list of breeders, see “Find a breeder”.

About the health status of the AES Australian Labradoodle:

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from diseases. ALFA Europe has developed a simple and effective method to keep the breeding population as healthy as possible. Besides strict health requirements (one of the conditions in order to be able to register a breeding dog anyway) a periodic health certificate has been required to keep the breeding licence of a breeding dog.
Together with the stud certificate the breeder has to submit a valid health certificate from the Sire (stud dog) as well as from the Dam (breeding bitch). In this way, it is almost impossible to breed with unhealthy dogs, read more under “health requirements”.