Coat types

Coat types Australian Labradoodle

  • the coat may be between 10-16 cm long
    the hair may be straight, corrugated or spiral, is soft and naturally flowing
  • hair should not be too dense and fluffy
  • the coat should be in one layer, the hint of double coat is a defect
  • the ideal coat of fleece and wool is simply to comb
  • it is important for the coat to look more like a sheep’s fleece than a dog’s coat
  • is normal when the coat is lazy when replacing puppy hair in grown-up and flocking

Coat types


One of the most beau­ti­ful views to see the coat waving on the wind. Puppy coat is very easy to main­tain – it does not requ­ire bru­shing too often. Howe­ver when the dog chan­ges its puppy coat to an adult coat it is very impor­tant to brush him every week. This can hap­pen any­time between 8 – 12 mon­ths (for some dogs even later that that). During that time it is very cru­cial to do not let the hair mat as mats are usu­ally hard to remove. Of course you can always go to the hair­dres­ser – but you need to find a good one that will not hurt your dog by remo­ving mats or will not leave holes in the coats (if he deci­des to cut the mat out). Some hair­dres­sers shave the coat off. I pre­fer not to do this as Labra­do­odles look very beau­ti­ful with the natu­ral length hair. Head is sha­ped by using scis­sors and thin­ners, the muz­zle sho­uld have the round shape. For hygie­nic reasons the beard sho­uld not be left too long (as goats beard). Also the eyes sho­uld be well visi­ble so it is neces­sa­rily to cut the hair on the muz­zle and the bang. The coat is very good for allergy suf­fe­rers. It does not shed howe­ver it must undergo the puppy repla­ce­ment stage.


Indi­vi­dual locks look like spi­rals. It requ­ires the same care as the wavy fle­ece coat. The coat good for allergy suf­fe­rers. It does not shed howe­ver it must undergo the puppy repla­ce­ment stage.




Thick and coarse, simi­lar to the poodle coat. Very com­mon in first gene­ra­tions. Allergy frien­dly coat, do not shed and does not emit the cha­rac­te­ri­stic odor. The cha­rac­te­ri­stics — when the dog runs his fur does not wave in the wind. It is requ­ired to trim and cut them 2–3 times a year in order to keep the hair in good condition.