Feeding your Labradoodle

Feeding your Labradoodle:

Today you have several possibilities to feed your dog

1 Home prepared and cooked food

2 Raw diet – BARF – using raw meat, vegetables, fruit etc.

3 Processed dry food and canned food

Which of them is the right one? I cannot give you the answer, I can only tell you what I choose for my dog. The final decision is for you to make, based on your knowledge, possibilities and amount of time you spend preparing food for your dog.

Home prepared and cooked food

The right nutrition is very important in the phase of growth of your puppy and results in the health of the mature dog.  The food should have all the required components in the right proportion for the given life phase of the dog, depending not only on the age, but also on the activity level of your dogs life and his health.

Raw diet – BARF

If you want to prepare the food for your dog yourself, either cooked or raw, it is necessary to educate yourself – there is literature or experienced experts you can consult. Remember, that you need to have all the components right, other ways you may influence not only your dogs health, but even his behavior.

Processed dry food and canned food

If you choose dry food, it may be easier for you, it is complete food, where you can choose the variety for your dogs age, size and activity level. You can find types which deal with different allergies or health issues. You may not save money, but you will save time. This is the type of food I have chosen for my dogs. But remember – always choose high quality dry food, the most expensive may not be the best! Don’t buy food with artificial coloring and preservatives, don’t  use food that is full of grain. Choose wisely. And NEVER buy “supermarket value” food or vegan dog food.

When you will be taking home your puppy, we will supply you with a bag of high quality dry food.