Grooming your Australian Labradoodle

Can the Australian Labradoodle have a short, medium or long coat? How do you clip an Australian Labradoodle? Our girls are bathed and clipped about every 4 – 5 months. The clipped Labradoodle should have the so- called  Teddy bear look, meaning the coat loosely copies the shape of the body. He should look natural even after his clip.    A clipped Labradoodle should never resemble a Poodle! I personally prefer to have the coat shorter in the body, approx. 2 centimeters, except the head, legs and tail, where the coat is longer. I use only scissors. Of course the length of the coat depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Remember that before clipping your Labradoodle must be combed through and de-matted.

Ears Comb and start clipping along the edge of the ear. The hair on the ear should be shorter. Don’t forget to clip the excess hair on the inside of the ear. Top of the head: The hair on the head should be about 4 centimeters long. Face Clip short between the eyes, in the shape of a triangle. Above the eyes keep longer, around  4 cm, so it falls down, framing the eyes, which should be visible. Don‘t cut the eyelashes!

  Muzzle top is short, triangle shape pointing to the nose. The rest around the lips and on the chin is about 5 cm long, copying the shape of the muzzle.  The hair on the legs is longer than on the body, about 4 cm or longer, covering the paws, which again should not be shaved like with a Poodle. The hair on the body is about 2 cm, be careful with the gradual transition to the parts where the hair is longer.