How do we choose Australian Labradoodle for you

Before I match the Austra­lian labra­do­odle to you I get to know you first – your family, your ways and your dyna­mics.
After the pup­pies are born they are being obse­rved very clo­sely – this is when the mat­ching pro­cess starts. At 6–7 weeks of age tem­pe­ra­men­tal testing is being con­duc­ted by the inde­pen­dent per­son (as I can’t do it because pup­pies alre­ady know me). From the expe­rience – the tests only con­firm what was obse­rved by me during gro­wing up pro­cess of pup­pies. The results of the test is writ­ten in the spe­cial table and this table is care­fully ana­ly­zed with the family dyna­mics.

This is how your puppy is mat­ched to you. Only by doing this we are able to match you with the per­fect puppy and be able to ensure the suc­cess of our pro­gram.
Some fami­lies howe­ver tell us their pre­fe­ren­ces as to color and gen­der. Some want nothing but a black female. We are able to take your pre­fe­ren­ces under the con­si­de­ra­tion, but it may hap­pen that the par­ti­cu­lar puppy of the color and sex you want will not suit your family dyna­mics.

In this situ­ation we can’t offer you the par­ti­cu­lar puppy. Then you are asked if you can accept other option. The more fle­xi­ble you are – the bet­ter for you because then the cho­ice is wider. I grant per­fect mat­ching and I take all the respon­si­bi­lity for this match. We are tre­ating this mat­ter very serio­usly and we are proud of our suc­cess in it.