Puppy pricing

Puppy pricing

If you are interested in our puppy, do not hesitate to contact me on info@australskylabradoodle.cz with any questions. As soon as your decision is made, please follow the instructions below.

What do you get for a puppy:

  • fully socialized puppy with implemented microchip
  • EU international animal passport with all vet records
  • dewormed, vaccinated and castrated puppy
  • complete medical documentation
  • pedigree issued by ALFA-Europe
  • DNA profile certificate and parental verification certificate issued by a laboratory selected by ALFA-Europe
  • purchase contract
  • detailed written information about dog care and training
  • recommendation about nutrition of puppy
  • starting feed kit for puppy
  • collar, leash and harness
  • special hairbrush
  • the toy, which puppy used
  • a blanket with the smell of mother and siblings


  • fill in the puppy reservation form. That will enable us to choose the right puppy for your family
  • then you will be put on the waiting list
  • at the same time we ask for not refundable deposit of  100 euro. Based on that we have the obligation to provide you puppy within one year period. The deposit has to be sent on a bank account IBAN: CZ7620100000002900936399  BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX
  • the deposit will be deducted from the final puppy price of 2 300 euro
  • the balance payment  (2 200 euro) will be collected in cash at the time of the hand over of the puppy
  • The final price of the de-sexed puppy is 2 300 euro

The price of puppy does not include travelling expenses for bringing the puppy to you – we can deliver puppy to you, but we have to negotiated conditions/price in advance.