Temperament of Australian Labradoodle

Most fami­lies opting for an Austra­lian Labra­do­odle do it because of its allergy-friendly, non shed­ding coat. But before you decide if that breed is for you, take the time to ana­lyze your family situ­ation and your abi­li­ties. Are you able to meet the needs of the breed ? Does a dog fit into your family dynamics?

It is very impor­tant that you inform the bre­eder what do you want to do with your dog-what kind of acti­vi­ties will you sup­ply him with. If your goal is to par­ti­ci­pate in agi­lity, you need a dog more active, with more lively tem­pe­ra­ment. If you have other ani­mals in your home or chil­dren it is also neces­sa­rily to say it to our bre­eder – not all the dogs fit to the fami­lies with chil­dren. It is very impor­tant that the bre­eder takes the time to get to know you and fits the dog that will suit you the most.

Austra­lian Labra­do­odle. So, what are they like?

* Very smart and intel­li­gent. Many people want to have such a smart dog. But we must remem­ber that the dog must be socia­li­zed and tra­ined at the early stage of his life. Dogs can quic­kly learn and we must teach them what are the beha­viors that we expect them to pre­sent. They can learn the good things as quick as they learn those bad ones.

* Do not show aggres­sive beha­vior, they rarely bark.

* Easy to socia­lize with other animals.

* They are good with chil­dren of all ages. They love to be aro­und humans. The­re­fore, if you think of a dog who will be run­ning aro­und your bac­ky­ard, a dog who will not par­ti­ci­pate in family life – labra­do­odle is not the right breed for you.

* Very good as service dogs

* They love water and acti­vity time with their owner. They will be good com­pa­nions for people who like to spend time out­side the city.

* they crave men­tal sti­mu­la­tion and you bet­ter give it to them other­wise they will pre­sent unwan­ted beha­vior (out of a boredom).

* They have a very strong retrie­ving instinct.