Vaccinations and de-worming

Vaccinations and de-worming

After birth, pups are pro­tec­ted by mater­nal anti­bo­dies in milk. And then comes the period when these anti­bo­dies no lon­ger immu­nize pup­pies who are not able to pro­duce their immu­nity yet. This is the time when we sho­uld vac­ci­nate the pup­pies. Below I am listing vac­ci­na­tion and de-worming plan for Wlo­chata Pasja Austra­lian Labradoodles.

6-week — Nobi­vac PUPPY DP (distem­per, parvovirosis)

9-week — Nobi­vac DHP­PiL (distem­per ‚parvo­vi­ro­sis, hepa­ti­tis, para­in­flu­enza, leptospirosis)

12-Week — Nobi­vac DHP­PiL (distem­per , parvo­vi­ro­sis, hepa­ti­tis, para­in­flu­enza, leptospirosis)

16 weeks of age — vac­ci­na­tion aga­inst rabies (puppy buyer)

Every year you sho­uld repeat vac­ci­na­tion aga­inst rabies as well as Nobi­vac DHPPiL

As a stan­dard we de-worm our pup­pies every 2 weeks star­ting from 10–14 day after they are born. We always advise new owners to de-worm their Austra­lian Labra­do­odle pup­pies every 3 months.