What to buy before the puppy comes to the new home

What to buy before the puppy comes to the new home:


We recommend two bowls – for water and feeding. The bowl should be stainless or plastic with anti-slip bottom.



Feeding is very complex topic, which is described in the special article. In the very beginning is important do not suddenly change the feeding for your new puppy. If you want to change the feeding, you should start adding the new feeding into original one gradually. The whole process should take 14 days at least.



It is good for the dog to have a place where he feels safe and comfortable. Small puppies like boxes or similar beds, where they are protected from draught and feel safe, for big dogs cushioned pad or blanket in a suitable place is enough.


Claw pliers

I prefer using the guillotine type pliers to cut claws. Pliers should be high quality and sharp, to prevent the claws from being damaged.


Ears cleaning

Special solutions are available for ear-cleaning, which dissolves earwax and disinfect ear canal at the same time. Never clean your dog’s ears with water, pine water or any other oil.

Leash and collar

In the first days, you may not use the leash or collar, but it’s good to get used to the puppy to wear the collar and the leash earlier as soon as possible. Select the type of collar/harness and leash according to dog size as well as coat type. The collar for the puppy should be soft, ideally padded, but the most suitable solution is harness. For fast-growing dogs, buy things that can adjust their size.

Select the leash also according to dog size. The leash should be firm and handy. Muzzle (basket) you will need more for medium and bigger dogs, for public transport is required for all dogs, who do not travel in the box.

Hair brush

As with other treatments , we need to get used to the puppy for brushing. At a time when puppy hair is replaced by mature adult hair, there is only period when Australian Labradoodle is losing the hair. Hair needs to be regularly groomed. The ideal brush for grooming is the same type as showed.



Dog toys should be purchased in specialized stores only. Just like toys for children, they can not contain small, easily detachable parts that puppies could swallowed. Just match the size of the toy to the size of the puppy.


Traveling box

You will need a transport box for a comfortable and safe travelling. There is  road traffic regulations which set the conditions under which the dog can travel, with primal objective to secure the safety of you and  your dog. In case of severe braking, the dog in transport box is protected from being thrown into space.