Health guarantee

Health guarantee of Australian Labradoodle

We are com­mit­ted to pro­vide top quality Mul­ti­ge­ne­ra­tion Austra­lian Labra­do­odles. The­re­fore, we breed our dogs once they have pas­sed their health tests with only satis­fac­tory results. The ori­gi­nal results are ava­ila­ble at bre­eders for every puppy buyer.
Health of our pup­pies is extre­mely impor­tant to us, the­re­fore we do eve­ry­thing to make sure that you get a puppy of a good health.
ALFA EU orga­ni­za­tion puts on every bre­eder very strict rules. One of those rules is to sup­ply your puppy with health guaran­tee for gene­tic defects that are live thre­ate­ning or affect quality of life of your puppy.

We sup­ply every Austra­lian Labra­do­odle puppy with health guarantee.